Evangeline Dennie, B. Arch, AIGA, LEED AP

Founder + Creative Director

Evangeline Dennie, B. Arch, AIGA, LEED AP Legacy is a Designer in New York City and the Founder and Creative Director of A. I. Design Lab.

With over 15 years of professional building experience, Dennie’s work extends from designing and building interiors and architecture for commercial, hospitality, residential and not-for-profit buildings and custom furniture, to web design, branding, graphics, and environmental sustainability.  As founder and Creative Director of A.I. Design Lab, Dennie collaborates with property, business and home owners, developers, architects, designers, engineers, contractors and suppliers to achieve aesthetically pleasing and consensus-driven goal setting and implementation for environmental design.

High performance is fundamental to Dennie’s designs. She investigates spatial concepts, materials, objects, imagery, landscapes, and light to evoke an emotional response from her designs while measuring the environmental impact of design decisions. Her experiences traveling and studying across the world have also greatly influenced her design sensibility, from cathedrals and modern-design throughout Europe and Central America, to manufacturing techniques and traditional details seen in China and Southeast Asia, and more.

Dennie’s design firm, A.I. Design Lab, was honored to win two competitions of the four future design categories exhibited at the BDNY Trend Walk Competition in November 2010. Her exhibit designs called, “Calcified” and “Dark Fairytale“ were selected to showcase the future of hospitality design trends at Boutique Design New York (BDNY) at the Jakob Javits Center in New York City.

Dennie’s design of the Oulu Bar and EcoLounge in Brooklyn, NY was recognized in the media as the first “living” wall in New York City in 2007. The living green wall made the cover of Hospitality Design Magazine (Greening the Bar, March, 2008) and featured in several magazines and blogs, including as Azure Magazine  and Treehugger, and was featured in the book, 1000x Landscape Architecture, published by Braun.

Dennie’s most significant design was the concept and layout for interim 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero, called the Tribute WTC Visitors Center, completed in 2006 while at BKSK. It was meant to be a temporary memorial and gallery located at Ground Zero, until the official 9/11 Memorial was to be completed (2011). Tribute offered a cathartic and educational experience for people who visited Ground Zero.  Dennie also helped to develop its mission statement and guiding principles with the September 11th Families’ Association by keeping the minutes for over a dozen meetings, enabling her to extrapolate concept themes for the design.

Her green consulting services included Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project management for two Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan: Random House Bertelson, which utilized the LEED EB rating system to green their facilities management; and Morgan Stanley, which employed LEED CI for new commercial interiors by achieving a Silver Rating.

Evangeline Dennie, LEED AP studied sustainability academically since the mid-90s and has been intimately involved in its implementation since 2003. She worked with Hillary Brown, FAIA, one of the main contributors to transforming New York City to the Big Green Apple. Together, they authored two 80+ page publications, High Performance Building Guidelines. Dennie collaborated with Brown and energy consultants to facilitate green design charrettes between the architects, engineers, landscape architects, and contractors at each design submission for 10+ new and renovated schools in New Haven, CT. Dennie also helped Brown to develop a documentary film about the green building process for non-profits for the Kresge Foundation and Non-Profit Finance Fund.

Dennie graduated from the University of Houston – Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture with Honors, including the Veronica Nia Becnel Leadership Award, a 1999 Thesis Award for her Design of the Community Artists’ Collective. She served as the President and Fund-raising Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity UH campus chapter, whereby she physically helped build houses for the Jimmy Carter Foundation and Americore. She also studied architecture and urban design in France at the Centre d’Etude d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme and received a fellowship to travel France, Italy, Germany, and Austria. She studied environmental sustainability academically since 1998 and became Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional in 2003. Dennie moved to New York City in 2000.

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Evangeline Dennie, B. Arch, AIGA, LEED AP

Founder + Creative Director

Phone:  917.628.3437