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Green Building Consultant + Project Manager


Evangeline Dennie, LEED AP co-authored the high-performance building guidelines and developed the 80+ page publication to be used as a system-wide wide guidance document for New Haven Schools in 2003.

Environmentally-friendly schools provide healthy environments for children with developing immune systems. Studies show that students yield higher test scores when they attend schools that employ natural daylight and other indoor environmental qualities. The City of New Haven, CT created a program to build and renovate all their K-12 schools to ensure they are healthy and environmentally-friendly. She researched and disseminated green guidelines content on technical topics including sustainable sites, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, building lighting, and materials. Developed “checklists” to track progress. She copy-edited text, designed editorial layout, and coordinated the print and electronic production.

Brown, Hillary, and Evangeline Dennie, High Performance Schools Design Requirements, Connecticut: City of New Haven Schools Construction Program, September 2003.

Evangeline Dennie also worked with New Civic Works and the City of New Haven Schools construction authorities to implement the guidelines they wrote into a eleven schools. She did this by facilitating weekly workshops with the project team in New Haven, CT and provided continued technical and administrative support. Dennie met with project team to come to consensus on each green strategy, to benchmark everyone’s progress at project milestones, to analyze costs, and achieve Energy Star Targets for a portfolio of K-12 schools.

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